Va’a, Waka, Wa’a... the Polynesian outrigger canoe has been predominant in all cultural layers of the Maohi people. The Va’a outrigger canoe has a rich history that reaches as far back as 4000 years. It has evolved into a competitive sport where the best athletes continually challenge their limits. Over the years, Tahiti has defined itself as a leader and reference in the sport. Just as the athletes are regarded as some of the best, the Tahitian Va’a outrigger canoe design is coveted by all aficionados of the sport.

The FAI Va’a™ team strives to safeguard tradition while capitalizing on technological innovations that make our Va’a light, stiff, agile and  fast. Basing our success on design, performance and high quality materials, FAI Va’a™ has grown to become a reference in the Va’a community.

Whether you are a beginner, a recreational paddler or an avid competitive racer, FAI Va’a™ aims to provide you with a more complete and enhanced paddling experience.



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